About Us

General description of the institution

A privileged partner of the region’s companies and organizations, ISPAB is a renowned private higher education institution that develops its teaching and scientific knowledge activities in the fields of management and administration sciences, communication, engineering and technologies. The courses taught at ISPAB are based on a theoretical-pratical teaching method, in order to respond effectively to the needs of the region’s business fabric.

ISPAB is owned by Fundação de Ensino e Desenvolvimento de Paços de Brandão. It is composed of a Council of Founders, a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Board, as well as the Town Hall of Santa Maria da Feira, individualities from the academic world and a group of prestigious representative companies from the region.


ISPAB has the following facilities and services:

  • Auditorium;
  • Library – Documentation and Information Center;
  • The Executive Office, Administrative Services and Financial Services;
  • Study Room;
  • Snack Bar;
  • Reprography;
  • 18 Classrooms; 3 Computer Rooms;
  • Audiovisual Lab;
  • Entrepreneurial Simulation Project Lab;
  • Photo Laboratory;
  • Competences Development Centre.

The Portuguese University System

* Except when in order to exercise a certain professional activity requiring education and training rating between 210 and 240 ECTS.
** In exceptional circumstances, and subject to the fulfillment of every requirement relating to the definition of the objectives of the degree and the conditions for acquiring the latter, a cycle of studies leading to a Mestre degree in a specialized field may be amount 60 credits resulting from a stable and consolidated practice in that specific field at international level.
*** A Mestre degree may also be granted following an integrated cycle of studies of which the duration, for the purposes of obtaining access to a professional activity, a) is established by European Union regulations; and b) results from a regular and consolidated practice within the European Union; in such cases, a Licenciado degree is granted to students having obtained 180 ECTS (3 years, 6 semesters).

International Office Objectives

ISPAB’s objective is to utilize current non-EU inter-institutional partnerships both in Key Activity 1 and in Key Activity 2. Simultaneously, EU partnerships are further strengthened in the same key activities, the focus being in the quality of mobility and accessibility of mobility for all learners and staff.

To assure high-quality management in academic mobility activities, ISPAB has established a central International Office, which ensures that the same quality measures are used for all the ERASMUS activities.

Interested candidates will apply on a yearly basis. From the first contact to the application process and the organization of the whole period abroad, the International Office is always there to support the students.

The International Office is responsible to inform about the program, applications acceptance, selection of candidates, specific preparation of the students, design of the curricula plans together with the receiving organization, cultural and linguistic course, preparation of the mobility - travelling, accommodation, insurance; preparation of a report and portfolio with mobility learning evidences. Supporting activities all along the whole program: meetings, communication by phone, e-mail, skype between origin and hosting universities are also responsibility of the International Office.

Contacts of International Office

Phone: 00 351 227449277 | 00 351 227451005
Fax: 00 351 227451009
GPS Coordinates: 40.975830 | -8.585999

Academic Authorities

Vice-President: Prof. Joaquim Malta Pinto de Sá

International Office

International Institution Coordinador:Prof. Joaquim Malta Pinto de Sá
Finantial Department Coordinator: Prof. Joaquim Malta Pinto de Sá
Office Coordinator: Prof. Pedro Ricardo da Nova Valente
Office Secretary: Fernanda Bastos

Office Hours

Monday to Friday - 14h30 to 18h00