European Projects

TEMPUS MAPEC Project - "Master Program of Environmental Engineering and Climate Change"

European Union Partners
  1. Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe University (Germany)
  2. Hamburg University of Technology (Germany)
  3. University of Innsbruck (Austria)
Non European Union Partners
  • Syria
    1. Al-Baath University-Homs
    2. Tishreen University
    3. Aleppo University
  • Jordan
    1. Hashemite University
    2. University of Jordan
    3. German-Jordan University

TEMPUS UNIVENT Project - "Enhancement of role of universities in transfer of innovations into enterprise"

European Union Partners
  1. Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
Non European Union Partners
  • Uzbekistan
    1. Ferghana State University (FSU), Ferghana, Uzbekistan
    2. Ferghana Polytechnical Institute (FPI), Ferghana, Uzbekistan
    3. Ferghana Regional Branch of Uzbekistan Scientific-Production Centre Ministry of Agriculture and Water resources of Republic of Uzbekistan (FSPCA)
    4. Ferghana Regional Commerce-Industrial Chamber (FRCIC), Ferghana, Uzbekistan
    5. Association of Entrepreneur-women "Tadbirkor Ayol”, Ferghana, Uzbekistan
  • Azerbaijan
    1. Nakhchivan State University (NSU), Azerbaijan
    2. Azerbaijan State Agrarian Academy (ASAA), Azerbaijan